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A Game that Teaches More, Less, Same Using Dice


Becky O’Hearn | Wichita Collegiate School | Wichita, Kansas

The teacher and the students play a game with dice. The students learn more, less, equal by counting the dots on the die they roll and then comparing it to the teacher’s roll. The teacher has the students use more, less and same in a sentence.

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Boys and girls. Today, I have a fun game for us to play. And, we are going to use some dice. And, we will count the dots and we will decide how many turns we can take, or how many numbers, or we will look at the set of dots and we will count them. And, decide if there are more dots, less dots, or the same. So, let’s just look at one of these, and just look around at it. Okay, here we have how many dots? Let’s see if you can find this one, how many? And? And, what’s here? Good. Now, we did them in order, didn’t we? One, two, three, four, five, six. That’s, six is the largest set on there. In the game today, we’re going to think about the words more, less, and the same. Okay? And I’ve written them right up here on the board. This is more, this is less, same. Good, you can read those words. Excellent. So, we’re going to compare the sets of dots as we play the game. The game is going to go like this. I’m going to be playing against all of you, and so we’re going to roll two dice. And I’ll look at mine and whoever, which one of you is playing with me, we’ll look at yours. And I will say a sentence about mine. Let’s, let me give you an example of that. Let’s just pretend that we roll them right here, and I’m blue. So, I rolled a five. And, let’s say the person that was the student, like Ty, rolled a two. My sentence would be, five is more than two. And, Ty’s sentence would be 2 is less than five. And then, I will write that on the board. Now, just so that we can make a game out of this, I’m going to see if I roll the dots that have more, more times than you do. And if at the end of ten rolls, and we’ll count ten times that we do this. If I have more times, that I roll more dots than you do, then I win. But, if you have more times then you win. So, that’s how we’ll play the game. Angsley, come on up. Okay, we’ll roll it on the floor, we’ll say one, two, three, roll. And then we’ll pick it up, and I’ll say my sentence, and then you say your number sentence, and then we’ll write it, okay? All right. All right, ready. One, two, three, roll. Pick yours up and show your friends. Let’s show them the number that you rolled. Okay, my sentence is 2 is less than 6. Okay, what is your sentence? 6 is more than 2. 6 is more than 2, that’s so true. Okay so, I’m going to write down, that’s so true, so mine was 2 is less than 6. Oh, remember we forgot to show that this is less than, and this is the symbol for more than, and this is the same. That’s that equal sign that Leo was talking about. Okay so, did I get more this time? No. This is the, I’m going to underline, and you guys are always going to be in this row, and you’ve got the first win. Okay, Shelby come on up. Thank You Greer for sitting right down. One, two, three, roll. Oh, my goodness, I have a four and she has a, go ahead and hold it so everybody can see. My sentence is 4 is the same as 4. What’s your sentence? Mine is the same as 4 is 4. 4 is the same as 4. Good job. We’ll have to see if we need a tiebreaker. 4 equals 4, Okay, Ty come on up. Get it Ty, get it. I don’t know either. One, two, three, roll. Oh, this is what I got. Yeah, what did you get Ty? So, my attendance is two is less than 3. What’s your sentence? Three is more, no, three is more than two. Good job. I like the way you said that. Thank you. Did I have 2? And I had 3? No, I had three. Yup, that’s right. I wrote my number first. Oh, you get that pink because it shows that you won. Okay.

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