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Meet the Team

Simmi Dalla | President

“I am so inspired by the purity of the Teach for Life vision and all the people involved. The volunteers, educators, students, staff, and supporters—everyone is motivated solely by love. It’s amazing to be part of a movement that connects people with such caring hearts around the world.”

Scott Garvey | Vice President

“ I am inspired by the incredible potential of Teach for Life. Never before in human history have we had the ability to connect so quickly and easily around the world. It’s exciting to see what new, creative ways we can help spread education through compassion and cooperation.”

Jeffrey Faus | Vice President

“What inspires me about Teach for Life is how it levels the playing field. There aren’t ‘givers’ and ‘receivers.’ Everyone has something valuable to share, and everyone has something to gain—no matter who you are or where you are.”

Erin DeGroot | Graphic Designer

“Along with the years of good work they’ve done for the world at large, Teach for Life consistently pushes me to be a more empowered, intentional and compassionate designer and human being. I see everyday at TFL as a new opportunity to learn and grow from the people around me, as well as a chance to use my skills to help lay foundations that will ultimately shift the worldwide community toward empathy and justice.”

Alissa Gomez | Admin

“Teach for Life fosters an environment of hope and empowerment. Through service with Teach for Life, I am able to impact students across the globe by providing educators with essential tools and resources while using my own skills and growing as a person and a professional.”

Balbir Mathur | Founder

“Teach for Life is truly revolutionary. It’s about democratizing education so that everyone, including the poorest of the poor, can access quality education. How could I not help?”

Becky Rolph | R&D

“More than inspirational quotes or impactful statistics about its importance, or my own long-held belief in its value – education truly is the most powerful force in the world. The Teach for Life movement has the power to amplify the lasting impact of a good teacher, which benefits us all.”

Rebekah Valentine | Writer

“The power of technology and the advent of the Internet have put infinite knowledge at our fingertips. I believe in our responsibility to use that knowledge to better the world around us, ensuring that needed wisdom reaches anyone who wants or needs the benefits it bestows.”

Mark Earnest | Web Development

“Teach for Life is all about community. It’s given me many opportunities to learn, grow and experience different points of view.”

Rathi Priya | R&D

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Baci | Good Doggo

“Bork, bork. Bork bork bork. Bark!”

Treva Mathur | Admin (Retired)


A global movement of people sharing knowledge and learning from each other, to better educate our children and create hope for the world.

A global movement of people sharing knowledge and learning from each other, to better educate our children and create hope for the world.



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